For the Entrepeneur in need for a break

Arctic Energizer

The ‘Well-Deserved-Rest-And-Energize’ Retreat.

​Just let go…and trust.

You’ll take the first few days to simply settle in, join us in a sight seeing tour of the farm and allow us to pamper you with delicious meals, drinks and snacks.

Because your stay is all about becoming still and getting back to yourself, we’ll set the intention for each day with a short meditation practice. Then you’ll be ready to spend as much time as you like in solitude in our quiet and energizing surroundings.

No pressure here. Absolutely none.

And if the mood takes you, we’ll happily take you out onto the peninsula, past Misty Mountain, to the bird-cliffs of Skoruvík, the ghost town of Skálar and maybe even all the way to “the-end-of-the-world” the lighthouse at Fontur.

You might also like to experience the energy of the Arctic Henge at Raufarhöfn Arctic Village and gaze over the ocean from Iceland’s most Northern Point, Hraunhafnartangi…

​In the evenings we’ll end the day with a guided gratitude practice and reflection as needed.





















































Availability: 2nd - 9th of September 

Included: All-inn, tours guided by Mirjam or Sverrir

Price: See booking form. 

For further information, other departure requests or any questions please contact:

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