Langanes and more

This tour will take place on these dates in 2020:     

12th June - 19th June - 15th July - 25th july - 10th august

Do you want to explore the whole North-East corner? Then this trip should cover that!
On this trip you will see most of the Langanes peninsula but also we will take you to Melrakkaslétta and Bakkafjörður, where the birdlife and culture is no less than on Langanes.

Day one: Arrival at Ytra Lón. We recommend you to take an evening walk, maybe up the river, if there is time. 

Day two: “Hrolllaugsstaðir – Skálar”. You start your day by driving up Heiðarfjall mountain and look at the ruins of an old American radar station. Then follow the road down the mountain and along the coast line of east Langanes. Hiking from the old farm Hrolllaugsstaðir all the way to the abandoned fishing village Skálar. On the way you will walk past a graveyard and see various birds, if you are lucky even some seals or whales. In Skálar you will be picked up and driven back to Ytra Lón with a stop on the way at Skoruvíkurbjarg where you can see the Gannet in all its glory.

Hiking notes: 15 km, 5 hours.

Day three: “Free day”. If you have your own transportation we recommend you drive to Raufarhöfn and take a look at The Arctic Hence, visit Hraunhafnartangi or Rauðinúpur and end the day at Hótel Norðurljós to have a lovely dinner before you head back to Ytra Lón. 
***If you however don’t have a car you can choose to have this day guided as well and we will go with you to Raufarhöfn. ***

Day four: “Circle of abandoned farms”. Your walk will start at Ytra Lón and will take you up with the river past several old abandoned farmhouses. The hike is not too hard, most of the way you will follow a “walking path” made by the sheep that have wandered around the area for years. Your guide will tell you about the history of the farms, vegetation, birds and mountains.

Hiking notes: 15 km, 6 hours.

Day five: “Steintún and Digranes”. You will drive over to Bakkafjörður and walk from the village out to the lighthouse at Digranes. On the way you will pass the picturesque old farm Steintún. 

Hiking notes: 8 km, 3 hours.

What is included: 

4x accommodation in a studio apartment with a made up bed and breakfast. 3x dinner. Guide 3 days. Pick up and drop off to all walking locations. 

For a guided third day: 

Guide that drives you to Raufarhöfn/Melrakkaslétta. Dinner at Hótel Norðurljós. Admission to the swimming pool in Raufarhöfn. 

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