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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Since we‘re living in a place like Ytra Lón it seems fairly naturally that nature has our greatest love. Now, to be honest, we‘re no specialists in birds, nor flora. Sverrir as a farmer is a specialist in grasses though and knows all about sheep, horses and border collies. I myself love all animals and the outdoors. To call this your work is really a privilage. We both are looking to live in a sustainable way, with the welfare of the countryside on top of our priorities. We all love springtime when birds start to come back of their winter grounds and fill the air with their songs and noises. So while hiking and working around the farm with the sound of Plover, Snipe and Godwit, being attacked by Arctic Terns when getting closer to the beach, it‘s not possible otherwise then to become inspired by nature‘s wonders and bird life.

In our Lodge we want to share our knowledge with our guests and in return often learn a lot from them. In this blog I will try to share with you our daily adventures as well as what things look like in the perspective of people living in a sparcely populated area of the Icelandic countryside. A lot will be written in English, but probably some Dutch and Icelandic will manage to intervere. We assume Mirjam will be doing most of the blogging, sometimes added by other family members. We hope you‘ll enjoy the reading.

Today is a windy, freezing, cold day. Not many guests visit us at this time of the year. Maybe not so strange, travelling in Iceland in winter can be tricky. We hope to welcome you sometime soon in Ytra Lón Farm Lodge and share our world with you!

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