Providing space for pause

the 'Arctic Energizer'

In Ytra Lón we offer all kinds of retreats connected to nature, stillness, solitude and connection.

​We provide the perfect place to just let go…and trust.

We give you time to simply settle in, join us in a sight seeing tour around the farm and allow us to pamper you with delicious meals, drinks and snacks.

We organise stays for coaches with their groups, anything that comes to mind, we're happy to help you organise whatever fits you. And if the mood takes you, we’ll happily take you out onto the peninsula, past Misty Mountain, to the bird-cliffs of Skoruvík, the ghost town of Skálar and maybe even all the way to “the-end-of-the-world” the lighthouse at Fontur.

You might also like to experience the energy of the Arctic Henge at Raufarhöfn Arctic Village and gaze over the ocean from Iceland’s most Northern Point, Hraunhafnartangi…

Your stay is all inn: breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and snacks as needed. Going Back-To-The Basic takes energy. Our team provides you with Farm-To-Table, local and organic meals to energize your body.

Also, Mirjam and Sverrir will be around any time you feel the need to reflect. We are very good listeners, we’re Professional Loners and we love to tell you all about our life with nature. Our struggles, our wins, our trust that everything will turn out just as it should.

This time of the year is dedicated to our sheep round up, maybe you get a 'smell' of this yearly event during your stay. Become part of the farmers society and experience their connection with Icelandic nature and weather conditions.


Please contact for further inquires and plan something together!

We're here to assist you in any way!

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